Learn real Strategies to create passive income, using property as a vehicle to achieve financial freedom. Learn how to leverage your time, cash and equity in order to maximise your return on investment and get to your financial goals faster. 
 NEXT EVENT: 10th, 11th, 12th December 2021
What is the
Cashflow Masterclass?

What To Expect:

A live 3 day virtual workshop streamed direct to your computer. 
Learn real strategies that work in today's market to help you boost your cashflow and replace your earned income with passive income.

Over three full days our mentors will share with you over 50 key points to help you understand the key elements of property investing and how to leverage your power team to create a truly passive income. 

What Is Included:

  • Two tickets: To the three day masterclass
  • Private one on one consultation: To create your personalised plan. 
  • Members Area: Within our elite training portal
  • Private Group: To connect with your mentors and other students
  • Support: Via email and phone after the masterclass
Replace your earned income with passive income today!

What You Will Learn

How to buy cashflow positive properties

Not every property will be cashflow positive, therefore buying the RIGHT property is absolutely key to building your portfolio, creating passive income and achieving financial freedom. At the Cashflow Masterclass you will learn the skills required to identify high cashflow properties. 


How to finance your deal through mainstream lenders such as traditional banks, second tier lenders or finance companies. As well as creative financing strategies through raising capital from Angel Investors and Joint Venture Partners. 

How to think like a professional investor

Professional investors think and act differently from mainstream investors which provides them with greater returns on investment and faster results. Over three days your thinking will be transformed to think like a professional investor.

No Money Down Deals

How to invest in property by leveraging other people's money.
When cash or equity is tight we don't slow down, we just have to get more creative in how we do our deals. There are numerous strategies on how to invest with little to no money down, meaning a lack of cash is not an excuse for not reaching your financial goals.

plus so much more...


Boarding Houses


Lease Options

Who Should Attend

First Time Investors
First Time Investors will gain the necessary knowledge and strategies on how they can invest in a manner that will allow them to create passive income and achieve financial freedom, whilst reducing the risk often associated with property investing. 
Attend the Cashflow Masterclass to learn how to invest in a professional manner with targeted acquisitions that are guaranteed to perform rather than simply hoping the market will increase in value. 
Home Owners will learn how they can leverage equity within their own home in order to build a property portfolio that pays them to own it. Whether your goal is to reduce your mortgage or financial freedom, leveraging your own home is the smartest way to get into property investing and can save you time and stress. Attend the Cashflow Masterclass to learn how the equity in your home could be the key to your financial freedom. 

Existing investors
Existing Property Investors will learn the tools and strategies on how to better leverage other peoples time, money and resources to build a portfolio that not only pays for itself but is highly cashflow positive, grows in value and allows you to keep buying again and again.Attend the Cashflow Masterclass to fast track your investing and reach your financial goals much quicker, whilst building a portfolio that doesn't rely on you working to fund it.
Case Study
Torb Stolpe
Torb Stolpe attended the Wealth Mentor Cashflow Masterclass in 2018. 
With the goal of building up enough passive income to allow him to retire from his job, Torb set out to build his portfolio.
He put into practice everything he learned from his mentors and was able to amass a large portfolio in only a couple of years, purchasing a new property every couple of months.
He now has a large stream of passive income and is looking forward to sharing his learnings with his daughter, so that she might achieve financial freedom at a much younger age than he did, allowing her to also quit her job and spend her time doing more of what she loves most. 
Torb Stolpe
Portfolio by the numbers:

Number of properties:  19
Passive Cashflow: $151,908
Current portfolio value: $5,080,000
Replace your earned income with passive income today!
Who is Wealth Mentor?

Our Mission

Wealth Mentor are Australasia's leading financial educators, we teach everyday people how to create financial freedom by investing in cash flow positive properties and swap their earned income for passive income. 

Our mission is to make wealth accessible to all by sharing the wealth creation principles used by the world's wealthy, with the everyday person. We believe that this knowledge should be made available to all, and endeavour to support people to create financial freedom, to quit their jobs and to live the lives they choose to live, not forced to live. 

What Our Clients Are Saying


I can't make those dates, will there be more events?
This is the only event booked in right now, however we do hold regular events. If you cannot make this event it is still worth your while booking now for the discounted price, and then we will advise you on future dates as they become available.
How many people will be attending the masterclass?
To ensure we maintain a personalised approach we cap the number of attendees at 50.
How long does the Masterclass run for?
The Cashflow Masterclass is over three FULL days, that is 8 hours each day.  
However we do stop for coffee breaks and lunch breaks.
As it is live streamed you have the ability to take a refreshment break at any time.
Is the Masterclass recorded?
No, it is not recorded. The Masterclass is designed as a live event, just presented virtually. It relies on engaging with you personally and a recording just does not allow you get the same learning, ask questions or work with us personally. 
Do I need to have lots of money to invest?
On the masterclass we will be sharing a number of strategies you can get started investing today with little to no money down. 
Can an Australian invest in New Zealand?
Under the Overseas Investment Act, Australian & Singaporean citizens and permanent residents are allowed to purchase New Zealand property. In fact we work with a large number of Australian investors who find the New Zealand property market attractive due to the lack of stamp duty, capital gains tax and land tax. Yields are typically better and the returns are better too. Australians are able to acquire finance by New Zealand banks, and  by building a professional power team to look after things on the ground Australian investors don't even need to set foot in the country to invest. 
Replace your earned income with passive income today!


Jono Frankle

The Managing Director of Wealth Mentor, Jono has a huge passion for passing on the financial education he received which changes his life. For Jono it is all about family. 

Kyron Gosse

Kyron bought his first property at 22 years old and has never looked back since. Taking on more of an entrepreneurial approach to property investing, Kyron specialises in no money down deals. 

Belinda Beatty

Having quit her job flying super fast jets in the Royal Australian Air Forc, Belinda took her military training and repurposed it to build a multi million dollar portfolio which provides a six-figure passive income. 

Helen Yu

A chartered accountant by trade, Helen is an absolute whizz on the numbers. Having built a large buy and hold portfolio in only a couple of years, Helen is now expanding that portfolio through developments and boarding houses. 

Charles Hayward

Charles started his adult life off in the navy. Charles invested in property all through his career and soon discovered his properties were paying him more than his job was. He now supports others looking to replace their earned income with passive income. 

Paul & Jeanette Southey

Paul & Jeanette have built over 700 houses and specialise in developments and subdivision. Their passion lies in helping out the local community with housing solutions, in particular finding funding and building options for local iwi. 
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